Abto Software has created a website for our Irish customer working locally, nationally and internationally – BEST Services, whose mission is to enable infants and children, their mothers and families to benefit from optimal infant and young child feeding and care.

BEST Servicesprovides consultation services or/and group sessions for:

  • Health service providers at individual health facility, regional or national level
  • Educators of health service providers at universities, professional organizations and other educational bodies
  • Employers in small businesses to large companies
  • Mothers / parents / families
  • Child care services to home-based childminders or large childcare services

The website developed by Abto Software web team provides consultation services regarding the importance of breastfeeding, education researches and resources, mothers support and training courses and resources.

This really user-friendly site is aimed at health workers working with infants, children and their mothers, but everyone interested in the abovementioned topics is welcomed.

The educational resources and training courses offerred by our customer on the extremely convenient and functional website assist health workers, educators and employers to develop and extend their knowledge and skills with the help highly qualified and experienced consultants.


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