Abto Software has successfully created a website for an Italian company, manufacturing accessories and parts for automobiles.

The website was developed and designed as an information tool for car accessories dealers selling tires and discs for various types of cars and for wheels’ buyers. Our specialists did their best to make it convenient, easy to use, visually attractive, with great functionality and shareability.

The most prominent feature of this website is the dynamic picture processing. It means that now the website users have the possibility to choose alloy wheels which will precisely fit their car brand, type, color, size, etc. This is possible because they can “try on” the model of the alloy wheel they’ve chosen to their car model with the help of over 600 pictures of various car models of various colors. Then users can save the pictures they’ve just created, print it out or share in SM with their friends.

We’re also providing an extended technical support to our customer’s website.

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