Model of indentation process

Abto Software’s Nano-Indentation of Layered Substrate

Our customer, DSM Coating Resins — a Dutch company, one of the world main producers of powder coatings, a global supplier of innovative high-quality resins solutions for paints and coatings, composite materials and fiber optic coatings, faced a challenge to develop a model that describes the oscillating indentation process of a thin flat viscoelastic coating fixed on top of a very stiff flat substrate.

Abto Software experts dealt with the nano-indentation of the thin materials such as powder coatings to determine the mechanical properties of those materials.

Powder coatings are very small in volume; thin film is one example of such material. DSM developed a new method to measure powder coatings – nano-indentation, which is considered to be more reliable than other methods previously used. Our Abto team formulated the mathematical problem for the indentation process, taking into account the influence of a substrate layer, and develop the solution strategy.

Picture 1: Model of indentation process

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