The system, created on the basis of MS Dynamics CRM for administration, accounting, creating databases, efficient workflow management, and customer information, is a universal product that can be used in various Public Utilities organizations. It guarantees considerable cost savings to various businesses and vertical markets due to systemizing the whole workflow including billing process and simplifying communications with customers.

For our customer, an Irish company dealing with water delivery schemes, there was developed a system that completely automates the administration of water schemes. The system allows to manage water usage, create invoices, and make payments taking into account various discounts, debts, benefits, products offered.

The Abto Software team created a number of special custom plug-ins, dialogs, web pages, and configurable financial reports (per invoices, water schemes meters, meter readings, or customers) for this product to work as an integral system.

The system’s main features:

  • Bill generation
  • Payment tracking
  • Fault and leak detection and location
  • Financial reporting
  • Customers meters replacement
  • Lodgments’ and Bank Account management

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