Military & Police

Military & Police industries’ expenditures on IT services are constantly growing because of the increasing demand for highly-secure robust applications serving specific needs and requirements. Abto Software’s skilled IT experts possess all necessary qualifications for rapid professional Military & Police software development including the following areas: IP Telephony, Digital Security, Research/Modeling, and Custom Projects development. Solutions we provide a range in scale and complexity and can be utilized for police questioning recording, persons’ identification, voice and sound recognition and other tasks. Our team is able to provide high-end industrial solutions for the integration and maintenance of military and police information systems. For Military & Police applications development we use the most appropriate development tools and languages including .NET, C, C#, Assembler, MSSQL, WebServices, C++, Matlab, etc.


Camera-Based Driver Activity Recognition for Driver Monitoring System

Customer Overview Our client is a $50 billion public corporation that provides cutting-edge technology solutions across the globe. One of their fastest-growing divisions is the automotive solutions division that aims at creating new standards for vehicles with the vision of improving driving safety through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The company approached us in 2019 …

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