Retail and distribution industry is a business that requires permanent and effective interaction with customers, which is best achieved through operations automation, inventory planning, and control, sales tracking, payments, and shipping. Success requires adopting IT innovations for satisfying increasing customers' demands and adapting to fluctuating market trends. Abto Software's IT experts successfully accomplished a large number of Distribution & Retail software development projects in the areas of  Mobile  DevelopmentResearch/EngineeringSecurityWeb applications development.

Our company provides diverse Distribution & Retail software solutions and applications development services, including:

  • CRM Software development;
  • inventory management system development services;
  • retail digital store solutions;
  • enterprise applications and wholesale distribution software solutions;
  • data warehousing solutions etc.


On-line View and Annotation Tool

We have built a Silverlight Application for viewing and annotating documents. The application displays page thumbnails with a large preview area where an image can be viewed with zooming, panning, rotation and navigation. To the top of that, we also created a layer where users can annotate the image to highlight areas and make comments. …

Twip City App

The purpose of this application is to provide people with mobile phones the ability to easily find restaurants, shops, cafes etc. The application can detect your location to display institutions nearby. The applications can display information as list or as markers on the map. User can explore the location details: related tweets, related youtube videos, …

Mobile Couponing Platform

The Swiss FinTech company was looking for a possibility for its shoppers to develop a couponing platform. The aim was that customers wishing to use Mobile Coupon should benefit from attractive offers on books to sports equipment and even entertainment electronics. So our software engineers and iOS developers have build the powerful mobile coupon & …

Mobile application for catering facilities

Our team developed a mobile app that allows users to regularly obtain information about different discounts and bonuses provided by specific brands. The app can be successfully used by a wide range of catering facilities and other places. If a customer purchases certain product the workers of the restaurant scan the QR code with the …

BidSystem for Custom Online Auctions

BidSystem is a web solution for development of custom online auctions with multiple products and limited time offers. End users of the system are able to place bids, regularly monitor the situation with the highest offered price, and quickly react by placing another bid. BidSystem includes user-friendly administrator control panel that provides functionality to manage …

Web Auction for Selling Medical Equipment and Other Machinery

This Web Auction was delivered for an international online auction for selling medical equipment, commercial plant and machinery, catering and office equipment. As our customer’s auction service was based on the Lasso platform which couldn’t satisfy the growing needs of the customer’s database, so our specialists had to perform legacy software modernization and now the whole solution …

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