Mobile Call Recording (MCR) System is developed by Abto Software specifically for Scandinavian and European financial establishments’ security departments. It allows them to record all mobile voice call conversations within this very financial organization network and arrange them into a database.

When necessary the system helps authorized users find a certain call recording and listen to it.

The MCR system’s features are as follows:

    • Voice recording as the system’s main feature is implemented to record mobile voice calls and archive the recordings to secure storage, enabling search, retrieval, and review
    • Subscriber authentication
    • Conversion of the call to recorded file
    • Re-routing of the call to the device (telephone) originally dialed
    • The system is multi-tenanted
    • The system is extensible for the customers to develop their own administration interfaces. An appropriate API is developed and documented
    • The system’s main focus is security. Rigorous attention is paid to vulnerabilities and attack vectors.


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