Aobo Website Blocker Porn Filter provides effective tools for blocking questionable material from your computer. Its simple setup and secretive blocking technique make this a great tool for parents.The program’s smooth interface lists its functional options in an open, intuitive fashion. While we didn’t need it during testing, we were nonetheless disappointed that there was no Help file. The program was surprisingly easy to set up. We were presented with a blacklist and a “white” list of words. The blacklist was prefilled with nasty, porn-related words, but you can also customize it to include anything you want to block.

The “white” list is reserved for safe words and Web sites. Once these lists were populated, the program smartly hid itself. There was no tray icon, which we initially thought was odd. When we tried to access a questionable site, the screen said it couldn’t connect, exactly as if we’d lost an Internet connection. This was Aobo’s most brilliant stroke: by not providing an icon and by not making a big scene about blocking a site, children will have no idea they’re being blocked and therefore will have a harder time outsmarting parents. The program offered no special features, which didn’t hurt its performance, but we would have loved some tracking capability. Overall, we were impressed with this subtle blocker.


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