A few weeks ago world-famous Stanford University launched free online courses on the most popular computer sciences. These include: Introductory course on artificial intelligence, Introduction to Databases and Machine Learning. The courses actually embrace some of the most prevalent cutting-edge technologies used nowadays.

Remarkably, courses serve solely for educational purposes and pursue the aim to extend Stanford’s online audience. The initial goal of Stanford professors was to provide students lacking access Stanford with education advantages. The courses have already gained massive popularity among the students worldwide, thousands of internet users have signed up since the formal registration started.

The lectures are delivered by most renowned scientific world’s representatives as short interactive video clips. Students are offered live quizzes with instant feedback on their work. Instructors can also be asked questions, which are supposed to be ranked by the students and transferred to them.

Students obtain some programming assignments and eventually take an exam. They need to know one programming language well to complete the required assignments. They are expected to devote to the courses at least 12 hours per week as regular Stanford students do.

No college credit is granted for completing these courses but students are provided with statement of performance rating. Still, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about latest computing technologies from the excellent lecturers absolutely free.

Read more hereĀ http://www.cs101-class.org/. (The article image is courtesy by Coursera).

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