Abto Software in Top 3 Biggest AI & Computer Vision Companies in Eastern Europe

Abto Software has grown to be the third biggest from the forty best tech companies in Eastern Europe that are using Artificial Intelligence in the field of Computer Vision according to a comprehensive analytical publication by Deep Knowledge Analytics, “AI in Eastern Europe Landscape Overview 2018”. Abto Software is also the biggest Ukrainian company listed …

Posted Feb 18, 2019

Abto Launches Summer Computer Vision and Machine Learning Internship

Intensive one-month internship program with future employment opportunity About the program: the internship is coordinated by experienced lecturers in different areas such as Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning and AI detailed and interesting training program the duration of each class is 4 hours (40 hours in total) each class is divided into two parts (theoretical …

Posted May 7, 2018

We’re Ending Blindness. Are You In?

computer vision technology for blind

The world is getting better at combining machine learning and computer vision, but it’s not just cars and drones that benefit from that. For instance, the same technology could be used to dramatically improve the lives of people with visual impairments, enabling them to be more independent. We at Abto Software believe that science and …

Posted Dec 4, 2017

Yuriy Kapkovskyy to Teach New Generation How to Start a Company, at Ivan Franko University

lectures on how to start a company

Yuriy Kapkovkyy, leading sales manager in Lviv, Co-owner of Abto Software, a Ukrainian software development company with deep expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence will be giving a series of lectures on starting your own business in the Franko University for two months, starting early October. What will you learn? Yuriy will share his …

Posted Nov 1, 2017

Abto Software to Speak at IT Areana 2017

Lviv IT Arena 2017 is a unique Ukrainian IT-conference with exhibitions of modern technologies and new products in the IT industry. It’s a three-day event jam-packed with progressive ideas from global changemakers and the most inspiring thinkers.This year a platform will bring together  40 outstanding speakers from 13 countries and companies like Microsoft, TechCrunch, Airbnb, …

Posted Sep 19, 2017

Abto Software Appoints New Head of Science, Oleksandr Makoveychuk

new head of science at Abto Software

On August 21st Abto Software has announced an appointment of Oleksandr Makoveychuk, its Computer Vision tech lead,  as a new Head of Science. Abto Software is expanding its senior management team to grow and deepen its scientific expertise to provide the most advanced solutions for the company’s customers. “He’s one of the very few scientists that …

Posted Aug 29, 2017
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