Highly competent, experienced developers 92% of employees with higher education. (Master and Bachelor’s Degrees).
Flexible collaboration models and pricing approaches We leave the choice of pricing and collaboration model up to you.
Effective development methodologies & quality control We use SCRUM and Continuous Integration in our QA and Testing processes.
Aimed at full satisfaction of customer needs More than 150 outsourcing customers & 1800+ product clients worldwide can tell the story best.
HIGHEST quality level and cost-efficient services Within 9 years we accomplished more than 250 projects.
Innovative technologies to optimize your business and reduce charges Deep expertise and certified specialists in leading edge technologies.

Why outsourcing to Ukraine?

Abto Software has located its European Headquarters in Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Lviv. There are a number of reasons for that:

– Ukraine — leading outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe

– Excellent technical education & affordable IT workforce resources

– Visa-free travel & favorable tax policy

– Convenience in communications and control, & cultural similarity

Why Lviv is a perfect outsourcing destination?

– Lviv — a leading Ukrainian outsourcing center

– High IT education level

– Fluent spoken English

– Affordable labor cost

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