Yuriy Kapkovkyy, leading sales manager in Lviv, Co-owner of Abto Software, a Ukrainian software development company with deep expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence will be giving a series of lectures on starting your own business in the Franko University for two months, starting early October.

What will you learn?

Yuriy will share his own experience on what to do and what not to do when starting up your company. There are four scheduled lectures with the practical lessons that were designed to teach the fundamentals of developing a business. Each lecture provides practical information and examples to identify key aspects of successful entrepreneurship, such as: What it means to be an entrepreneur? Who is your ideal customer? What is the best way to reach your potential customers? What are your starting costs and other starting needs?

Yuriy Kapkovskyy has been in IT business for more than 20 years and worked with the world’s market leaders in law, retail, and entertainment industries. He started his career as a quality engineer, and in a few years made it to a project manager, sales manager, and later on VP of business development. He got his MBA degree in 2013 and now Yuriy is a Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Co-owner of Abto Software.

About Abto Software

Abto Software is a full-cycle custom software engineering company, launched in 2007. We have earned a status of a trusted long-term software development partner for our customers in North America and the EU with a high-quality delivery and business continuity. We successfully use the research of our R&D office and technological expertise of our software engineers to deliver innovations to our customers.

Abto Software is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and listed among Top Software and Web Developers from Ukraine based on customer reviews on Clutch.com, a member of Lviv IT Cluster. For more information about the computer vision solutions and software development services that Abto Software provides, please visit www.abtosoftware.com.

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