“The Washington Post”, the renowned American printed edition with the audience exceeding half a million readers, issued a supplement special on Ukraine for the first time in its history.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA came up with the idea of cooperating with The Washington post, taking into account its promotional experience of the governments worldwide. The printed supplement on Ukraine was initially released under the auspice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry, aimed at promoting Ukraine’s positive image internationally. Six newspaper’s pages were dedicated to Ukraine and financed within the frames of Ukraine’s image program. The aim of this program is to raise the image of Ukraine in the eyes of Americans.

The supplement incorporates featured articles concerning local energy and agricultural sectors advantages, Ukraine’s contribution to global nuclear disarmament, Euro-2012 preparation and other National Projects. It also includes in-depth materials on Ukraine’s cultural life, citizens’ religious preferences, etc. Apart from the elucidation of the main economic and cultural advantages of Ukraine, significant attention is paid to positioning Ukraine as a tolerant country.

The second supplement’s part is performed in the form of collage and includes rockets and Ukraine’s wildlife presentation. It represents Ukraine as a multifaceted country and is aimed at showing its diversity to the readers in the USA and worldwide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already arranged similar publications earlier. For example, a supplement special focused on Euro 2012 was published in the German business newspaper “Handelsblatt” in December 2011.

Generally, the coverage was aimed at acquainting foreign readers with Ukraine and promoting it as a modern tolerant country, striving for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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