Lately, we all were stroke by a Skype outage, which was followed by Twitter technical issues. This led some internet observers to recommend using multiple solutions to minimize such risks. So when Skype is down, you should use MSN or other application.

But if we look at the core of the problem, we realize that we still are relying on consumer services, which are not designed for supporting business functions, but rather for chatting between friends or sometimes total strangers. So when somebody cannot be accessed for some time, it is usually not a big deal. You always have his or her mobile phone if you really need them urgently.

The other situation is with business. If you are not present, cannot be contacted or simply unstable, your customers will not trust your their money and loyalty. They will definitely go to another provider that will not put them down. Also, your company’s internal communication can be under threat if your employees totally rely on consumer services. So, the real answer to these kinds of threats for companies is to invest in a business solution that will be supported by professional service providers.

Abto LLC is offering a competitive alternative to Skype and similar consumer services. Abto VoIP SIP SDK provides finished, but customizable softphone solutions, which you can use for communication in your company or sell to your customers. Naturally, you will need sip server or sip service to make calls to other users outside your office and regular phones, but even in case of some technical issues you still be able to contact your colleagues directly using P2P communication.

In addition to a more stable corporate solution, you receive high-quality support and consulting of our technical specialists that will provide you with assistance using online means of collaboration. So you will not rely on consumer services any more, being left alone with your problems in case of emergency, but always be protected from these risks by a team of professionals.

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