Our company has recently organized a very useful and interesting 2-day scrum training for scrum masters, technical leads and managers. It was conducted by a certified scrum trainer who managed not only to provide vital information but also to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. Training included individual and group exercises, process-simulation games and discussions on every topic on the agenda.

We have successfully achieved the main goal of the training – to reach team understanding and to learn key principles of Agile approach to software development.

Now we have a deeper understanding of the Scrum framework. We have acquired basic skills in work with the requirements. Our developers got prepared to implement process changes and have created a plan for personal growth in Agile development processes practice.

All the participants have only positive impressions after the training because they gained new valuable knowledge and skills and also spent a great time together.

Here are the impressions of our developers who participated in the training:

«The training was very eye-opening, helped to structure existing and gain new knowledge about the Agile framework in general and Scrum in particular. Such training would be of great help if held at least twice a year. No book or theory can cover for live discussion and practical application use cases.» (Anton)

“The training was very good and the information was very useful, it helped to structure already achieved knowledge and get familiarized with new data and not well-known terms.” (Vitalii)

Below you can find the photos from the training:

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