How Useful is a Dedicated Team Collaboration Model in Project ManagementToday’s market conditions are rapidly changing; therefore, multiple enterprises face the necessity to re-align their business models and find the most effective ways to manage their offshore teams. In this case a solution providing prolonged operational efficiency and strategic value for a software outsourcing venture is required. One of the best collaboration models providing direct and effective project management for well-established and starting up companies is Dedicated Team. It ensures direct communication and management together with transparency and a high level of control. In this article we’ll bring light to major benefits that this collaboration model brings into project management.

Benefits of dedicated project management

  • You hire a well-trained and experienced PM able to coordinate the work of a dedicated development team at a high level and plan the project accomplishment stages effectively;
  • PM is totally dedicated to your project and learns all the important information about your business that is vital for adapting the developed software to the domain requirements;
  • Dedicated PM is an expert in the used software development methodology and has good knowledge of the dedicated project team, skills and abilities of the team members, their attitude to work and features of character. As a result, he/she is able to find a personal approach to each team member and exploit their skills in the most effective way;
  • Dedicated PM is completely responsible for the project accomplishment and is personally interested in its success;
  • Project Manager takes care of the workflow planning, time management, requirements analysis, risk and quality management, monitoring work progress and reporting, technical writing;
  • Dedicated team collaboration model makes general project management, planning and control much easier in comparison with other execution models;
  • Human resources are better integrated within offshore dedicated teams;
  • Direct and effective communication between team members and easy teamwork is guaranteed;
  • Dedicated team model enables projects to be managed more time-efficiently;
  • Management of the project becomes straightforward due to complete allocation of personnel and assets to a single project;
  • You can communicate with a dedicated team manager any time and be sure that he/she isn’t occupied with some other project. This ensures faster problem solving, troubleshooting and making all necessary adjustments on the go.

With the dedicated team model implementation you will be able to reach desired goals and obtain the highest level of project management at fixed monthly cost. Using this collaboration model you won’t have to worry about potentially irresponsible or inefficient project management and execution as Project Manager is completely dedicated to your project and can be easily accessed at most cases. As a rule, dedicated teams are easily managed, their work results are reported on the daily basis and permanently monitored by the PM. Moreover, close-knit team joined by the common objective and managed by one person will work willingly and effectively maintaining good team spirit.

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