Mobile-friendliness of the website has long been an important factor for Google’s search algorithm with mobile-optimized websites ranking higher than the non-optimized ones. Starting from April 21, the search giant launches Mobilegeddon – a new algorithm that is said to revolutionize mobile-friendliness and affect mobile searches across the globe. Google recently announced that mobile-friendliness will become an even more important ranking signal and significantly influence websites’ search rankings.

How to prepare for Mobilegeddon

The aim of this update is to create a better experience for mobile users so they could access content via their tablets and smartphones without any extra efforts or troubles. With the implementation of this new algorithm, many websites risk losing their search rankings. Mobilegeddon is undoubtedly going to impact a lot of businesses because an online presence is nowadays one of the major success factors. Of course, there are certain measures that can be taken before the April 21st that should prevent your website from losing its positions in the search index, or even help it rank higher:

  • Firstly, make sure that the mobile version of your website is functional and works flawlessly on mobile devices. For this goal, you can make the website’s layout responsive or host a separate version of your website specifically tailored for smartphones and tablets.
  • Ensure that Google’s mobile bots are allowed to crawl the actual content, the CSS and the JavaScript so your website could pass the test for mobile-friendliness.
  • It’s also important to test every page of the mobile version of your website to make sure it’s easy to navigate. Website forms are especially notorious for being hard to use by mobile users.

To check whether your website is mobile-friendly and matches the new requirements you can use one of the Google-offered tools: Mobile-Friendliness Test and Mobile Usability Report. Mobile-Friendly Test allows you to understand if the website meets all the necessary qualifications. The second option – the report – can be found within your Google Webmaster’s account. Use it to analyze and fix mobile usability issues that your website might have. Both tools come with a variety of additional links and guides from Google, so be sure to click around, and you may very well find something that will help you prepare for the oncoming update even better.

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