Information Technology and Innovation in Healthcare

Information Technology and Innovation in Healthcare

Digital age is redefining healthcare and drives medical revolution. Healthcare is moving towards technologizing at an unprecedented speed, despite many skeptics and their resistance to adapt it as the best business model.

According to IDC, in 2020 the world will produce 50 times the amount of data as in 2011, and 75 times the number of information sources.

There are endless opportunities to improve quality of people’s lives. And technologies are not  just a simple tool,  they cure. 95% of all hearing aids are today 3D printed as stated by Forbes. Hundreds of thousands of pairs of teeth-straightening braces and back braces for scoliosis are being 3D printed and used by patients every day. Bioprinted liver tissues were announced in 2014. Robotic limbs returning function to paralyzed limbs and exoskeletons allowing paraplegics to move independently are  out today.  Surfing through the internet for a few minutes brings out titles like “artificial ORGAN prototype, microchip, nanomedicine and hologram “and many more. Twenty years ago this would have sounded like something you could have read in a science fiction book.

The medicine made extraordinary development in extending lives of the people globally. Thanks to advances in surgery and pharmacy together with hi-tech boom we have a chance for full and healthy lives.

The need for the patient as a consumer of a big real-me data of the care services cannot be ignored in the age of personalized medicine.

The reactive approach of conventional medicine is insufficient today. Technology and computational power give a chance for medicine to get more proactive, that is not to wait for a disease to strike but to support a whole organism and prevent it from happening. As medical and tech-savvy professionals agree the healthcare world is aching for revolution. And top-notch technologies are there to facilitate this revolution.

Abto Software provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on next-generation EHRs, predictive modeling, AI, blockchain and medical imaging we fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered, providing solutions for value-based patient-first care. If you would like to know more about the value of blockchain and AI for digital health, contact us by filling out the form below.

AI based pose detection and analysis
CC technology to enhance camera-based markerless motion assessment

Healthcare IT mission is to bring in more transparency and accountability in society. Reliable medical information, online medical records is likely to be the most important development in the history of medicine.  The combined knowledge of medical specialists and cognitive computing have already resulted in the most positive experience for patients. Abto Software prides itself on playing its part in the process by developing multifunctional practice management system for healthcare institutions.

Most healthcare data has been traditionally static- paper files, x-rays films, scripts, readings and EKGs and tons of mounting documents and files. Meanwhile, in many medical situations, constant real-time data can mean the difference between life and death (blood pressure monitoring, bedside heart monitors). The incredible volume of structured or unstructured data is the dimension that makes healthcare data both interesting and challenging.

Introduction of EMR and EHR

So more and more information goes digital and health records are a monumental task today. The aim of the whole process is to provide accessible records available to both patients and physicians. A whole new world of data has become increasingly available for analysis: data from the electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR).

The EHR was introduced in the 1960s by a physician and researcher Larry Weed in the effort to find an easier method to surf patients’ medical records. The ultimate goal of the system today is to use all the bulk of accurate information to help clinicians treat patients, reduce prescription errors and ut down spendings and time simultaneously.

Electronic health records (EHR) store and organize the flow of data within a digital healthcare infrastructure for useful information analysis. EHR can transform the way care is delivered and comprehended. This specifically developed and designed software is used for maintaining patient electronic medical records, medication history, billing, scheduling, and other clinical documentation. With EHRs, information is instantly available at all stages

With exhaustive clinical data the chances for a patient to get the best coherent treatment decisions quickly and safely rise profoundly.

The crucial feature of an EHR is the ability to  be created, managed, and analyzed by authorized staff across a number of health care institutions, that is assemble  information from current and past doctors, clinics, emergency facilities, laboratories, pharmacies,

Some EHRs also possess value-added features like decision support and prognosis tools ( diagnostic decision support, therapies support). One of the most popular aspects  of EHRs is their accessibility from remote locations and undoubtedly  the option of medical reimbursement code  is highly appreciated by the EHR users

EHRs and EMRs( electronic medical records) have the real potential to improve healthcare through the prevention of medical errors like prescription errors,  treatment algorithms, failure to follow-up on orders, and errors resulting in lack of access to the complete medical history.

The experts claim that tomorrow’s electronic health records will include lifetime notes and consumers will be able to literally get a diagnosis by simply taking a photo of problem area.

More than 70% of healthcare practitioners surveyed in the USA in 2015 claimed they had seen positive return of investment in personalization technologies and application of EHR. It is no longer difficult or expensive to technologize medical practice.

Computer vision to advance healthcare solutions

Computer vision, among other modern-day techniques, benefits both healthcare organizations and individuals. Medical imaging, pathology, histopathology, neurology, neuroimaging, physical therapy and telerehabilitation are just some of the fields already utilizing today’s innovations. 

Abto Software’s healthcare expertise in implementing computer vision:

Medical IT on the rise

Improving diagnostics and treatments is not enough anymore, but enhancing  healthcare experience whether the process takes place in a hospital or at home is crucial at that point. The delivery of healthcare gradually acquires features regarding the customer experience from other industries. The patient empowerment as the end result for technology has been pursued for quite some time now.

The need for increased interdisciplinary collaboration will change how healthcare is delivered. Integrated care can only be achieved with technology platforms that incorporate behavioral, medical and non-medical services within the same system.

The ability to perform real-time analytics with high-volume data in motion and in all aspects like IBM’s supercomputer denoted a humongous step forward in healthcare.

In the world where the diagnostic errors make up 10% out of the whole, this makes a distinctive difference in the care quality.

In the digital era, the use of IT solutions in medical communication and in healthcare is unquestionable. Online communication channels like smart devices and social media have the potential to become a digital brain making it possible to share and translate medical information. Customized mobile apps that comprehend user’s data are a vital step. The app market is booming and people use mobile apps to track health routinely, so it looks like we are about to cure diseases with a cell, not a pill. The key to success is to awake consumes’ awareness, so that they actually make themselves healthy. Ultimately this will revolutionize healthcare with tremendous benefits for both patient and doctor alongside cost and time reduction. Abto Software has successfully developed a mobile healthcare app for one of our US customers.

Innovation and advances in healthcare today

Healthcare experiences unbelievable progress today. Virtual and augmented reality, iKnife and real-time diagnostics, holographic keyboards and cloud data storage, social media platforms usage and digital medical communication. Google glass, synthetic windpipes and artificial blood vessels and skin, digestible and wearable sensors have already been implanted. The functionality of organs can be replaced with biomaterials and synthetic devices. Non-invasive portable wireless diagnostics device like Tricorder is a massive breakthrough in healthcare. Data generated by those and the like devices offer tremendous benefits.

Virtual care, encompassing telehealth and telemedicine, is the remote provision of various healthcare services. Audio and video calls, as well as messaging notably minimize in-person consultations, enabling personalized medical advice, diagnosing, prescriptions, and follow-ups from home, which facilitates healthcare delivery.

The mission of technology and IT is to develop modern digital health tools and systems for delivering even better healthcare benefits and to apply them to clinical practice to the fullest extent.

Substantial advances in the technology in general and Information Technology, in particular, enable to predict the individual’s future health risks, the progression of illnesses and select the most effective treatment with minimum side effects.

Partner with a reliable healthcare software provider

It is obvious that technology by itself will not solve global healthcare problems. The symbiosis of human care and technology applied to medical use is valuable for all. The increasing adoption of software solutions such as data analysis, medical decision support system is expected to assist the demand. So the potential for IT healthcare evolvement is immense and the innovations in the area are inevitable. Information and choice are the terms defying human’s future.

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