People who participated say:

“Great course. It adds polish to the JavaScript knowledge!”

“Excellent course so far! Clear and informative”

Abto Software takes pride in having education as a fundamental corporate value. For experienced coders who find JavaScript a mellifluous word and want to deepen their understanding of the language, we at Abto Software started a course JavaScript Advanced Level.

For 2 months, middle and senior qualification level software engineers will take a deep dive into scope, closure, object oriented and asynchronous programming in JavaScript as well as JavaScript best practices.

The course adds up to previously accumulated knowledge and in the long run aims at helping software engineers give a cleaner code.

The course is presented by Taras Kremen, a full stack developer with 8 years of JavaScript experience. Taras has been writing code since he was a kid and has accomplished quite a few courses since then. He has been learning advanced tactics and techniques of JavaScript usage on the highest level. So, he stays in tune with all the latest developments in JS domain and is eagerly sharing his advanced JavaScript skills with others.

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During the course run, he will detail the inner workings of JavaScript. The participants will have a chance to explore new added features, learn ways to avoid bugs, and develop complex JavaScript applications.

He will run through ECMAScript Language, give an insight and extensive update on ECMAScript, clarification to the behavior of the “this” keyword. He will focus on the helper methods and functions of JavaScript language which makes the code more elegant. This includes coverage on Scope, Closures, and Object Oriented Coding. The idea of the whole course is to gain an advanced understanding of the core mechanics of the JS language, explore and improve execution speed, examine common JS pitfalls and the best way to avoid them.

Overall, the course expands the knowledge of JavaScript as a powerful and popular language for programming that can improve accuracy and performance quality of the script.

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