We are trying to create atmosphere where everybody can grow professionally while having fun. We regularly organize events for employees to share their experience and learn about new trends in IT. Our Wednesday’s Tech Talks are short information sharing meeting where employees present their projects and discuss innovations in IT market. Sometimes speakers hold lectures where participants get profound understanding of the topic.

Some of our tech talks and lectures:

  • Advanced Querying with T-SQL covered the following items: Bulk insert, Truncate, Remove Duplicates, Ranking Functions, Subtotal, Pivot, Cumulative Total, Moving Average and Count of Tables.
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks was aboutspeech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion etc.
  • At Image Processingtech talk we found out about . basic concepts, SIFT stages, Scale-space extrema detection, Keypoint localization, Orientation assignment, Keypoint descriptor of Scale Invariant Feature Transform.
  • Fuzzy string matching tech talk explained what is fuzzy string matching and how it’s used to find and compare names.
  • Tech talk “eProcurement made easy” was about one of Abto’s projects accomplished for a procurement and service provider.
  • At Introduction to public speaking lecture some of the techniques to create a clear presentation and deliver it in an engaging way were presented.
  • Virtual reality and Meta DevKit Demonstration introduced current trends and capabilities of VR devices.Strong and weak sides of different VR devices were covered and main business domains of their application were discussed.
  • A/B Testing covered A/B testing, or split testing – a great method for figuring out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for business. And one of the latest tech talks was about Git and its advantages over other version control systems.

We will keep organizing interesting educational activities for our staff to improve their professional level and invite all to take part as speakers and listeners.

Public speaking lecture Virtual reality

Neural networks

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