October 2013 – Abto Software organized a regular Semiannual Corporate Meeting that brought together its co-workers from Lviv and Uzhgorod development centres. The primary goal of the meeting was to discuss the company’s achievements, recent projects’ challenges and future changes in corporate life.

The team from Uzhgorod shared their experience about their Scrum methodology usage and gave a brief introduction to Engineering Days and Hachathon. These are the events where young professionals and trainees meet up for a cooperative session to launch and realize new ideas on software and applications.

The meeting was co-chaired by Oleksandr Muzychuk, the CEO at Abto Software. He thanked all co-workers who made a contribution into the company’s success. He noted that over past half a year the company had enlarged its development services market and got involved into a number of new challenging projects for customers from Japan, USA and Western Europe.

Here are just some examples of the new projects accomplished during the past six months:

At the meeting there also was presented the E-learning System IUDICO which is now effectively used at Abto Software to evaluate software developers’ and testers’ knowledge, see the gaps in their theoretical and practical skills and help them develop the required skills for trying out new technologiesВ  and working on different new interesting projects.

Next year plans of Abto Software include systematic work on the company’s services improvement and development of the centralized system for code quality monitoring.

Abto Software's Semiannual Corporate Meeting, Oct. 2013 Abto Software's Semiannual Corporate Meeting_10

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