Artificial intelligence is no longer just science fiction or a futuristic theory. In 2019, it’s a technology of the present and businesses can apply it to streamline their processes. We believe AI will become a key catalyst in transforming human lives and the business world, which is why we are very excited that on May, 19 the Clutch B2B platform named us one of the  Top 15 Global Leaders in AI. The ranking is determined using Clutch’s research algorithm, which takes into account a company’s services offered, brand presence, client feedback, and work quality.

Abto Software’s Enterprise AI solutions

Here at Abto, we’ve seen a lot of businesses struggle to adopt AI into their business, either due to poor data, insufficient expertise, or lack of proper strategy.

Our leadership position as one of the largest AI companies in Eastern Europe providing enterprise-grade solutions enables us to approach your AI and machine learning initiative from a holistic perspective.

We offer our clients Enterprise AI development and implementation services that help organizations adopt AI into all layers of an organization – from developing predictive analytics that provides deep insight into your business operations, to complete automation of all your data entry processes and routine tasks. We provide AI solutions:

  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics
  • Virtual Assistants and Recommendation Systems
  • Intelligent Automation

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