In the end of October Abto Software organized annual corporate meeting, which was held in the conference hall of Nota Bene hotel. This year meeting format was different from the previous ones, as the projects were presented by developers who work on them.

The meeting was opened by our CEO Oleksandr Muzychuk. The main topic of his speech was strengthening of our positions in all core areas and competences of the company. Oleksandr commended great work of administrative, marketing and other departments. We started concentrating more efforts on customers engagement. This will help with getting new, promising and interesting projects. More and more often we can find among our customers companies who are world leaders in their domains.

On the occasion of the presence of all the Abto Software’s teams at the meeting Oleksandr introduced new employees, who headed some of the departments in the company.

Also, he commended our developers’ initiative to write articles, in which they share their technical experience and interesting engineering solutions. Such articles are a very valuable source of information, as they are written by experts with huge experience in software development.

The following projects were presented at the meeting:

  • System for effective organization of setting, tracking and reporting tasks. This System was created for the British telecommunications company.
  • Project for creating a horizontal drilling management software system Project for creating software that uses eye-tracking technologies
  • A-Grade IT – our new Polish startup.
  • Application that helps to download forms from SharePoint, customize them and add business logic according to your company needs.
  • SharePoint Extensions – another project for creating applications for SharePoint.
  • A couple of science intensive projects that involve image processing.
  • Service that helps to find highly qualified specialist from any sphere to answer your question.

Our company is constantly working on improvement of our employees’ everyday life. One of the most pleasant events this year was the move to a new, larger and more comfortable office. We have arranged  yoga classes in the office and kickboxing classes close to it, so that everyone can now do sports without wasting time commuting to the gym. Every Wednesday we have seasonal fruit delivered to the office. Next year we are planning to significantly expand our benefits package by adding health insurance and extra vacation days for those who have been staying with company for a long time.

Since we met on the eve of Halloween, we prepared a surprise for everyone – a fan-video “Halloween at Abto Software”.

We have decided to organize corporate meetings more frequently, so that our managers can share news about interesting projects events, technical solutions and innovations on the regular basis. In the near future we are planning to organize company newsletter with updates on the latest releases, customer’s feedbacks and other company news.

Thank you all for another year of great and fruitful work!

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