Striving to foster innovation and comprehensively support professional development of the co-workers and further company’s growth our company initiates Abto Labs Department. We provide our employees with a unique opportunity to bring their innovative and creative vision into the corporate strategy.

The company supports initiatives of forward-thinking and open-minded specialists enabling them to freely offer their ideas for their own projects to the company. Abto Software’s management considers these offers and selects the most

promising for further accomplishment. Our colleagues presenting the most interesting ideas get the company’s financial support and a possibility for professional development in the chosen domain.

Sergey Ivanov, Abto Software’s Technical Director, proudly notes: “Abto Software considers creative experts’ initiatives to be an incubation ground for future development and innovation fostering. We are happy to start Abto Labs and hope it will help us augment company’s R&D Department and discover new domains for further growth and expansion.”

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