The Abto Software team has been highlighted as one of the Top-Performing Development & IT Services Companies of 2020. Our team took its place among the 15 best Artificial Intelligence developers worldwide, according to Clutch.

Every year, well-known Washington, DC-based market research firm Clutch publishes a list of the best-performing software developers from all over the globe. The list contains companies in 10 categories, including Big Data companies, cloud consultants, cybersecurity companies, staff augmentation, others.

This year, the Abto team has taken its place among worldwide leaders in AI development, not least because of the feedback of our satisfied customers. Such acknowledgement always warms our team up and so we can move only further in the way of developing the best AI solutions for businesses.

Previously, Clutch has also recognized us as:

In 2021, we already have two more achievements:

Our AI-based Solutions

AI-driven Chatbots for your Business Needs

Our AI/NLP developers have delivered a conversational AI chatbot for customer FinTech service automation. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning technologies to recognize customer intentions by text queries. The solution can start a short conversation and do an upscale. The customer service chatbot also displays the user profile and balance within a chat interface.

Body Measurement App & API

Abto’s AI-driven body measurement technology calculates body parameters and builds a 3D body model from two smartphone captured photos of the person and provides 98% accuracy for the measurements.

Areas of application of Abto body measurement technology:

  • Retail: provides customers with accurate size recommendations and allows them to try clothes on in virtual fitting rooms.
  • Health and Fitness: help people monitor body parameters to be healthy and track fitness progress.
  • VR & gaming: offers its users to create personalized 3D avatars for games and other applications where applicable.

AI-Driven Medical Travel Platform

Abto Team has created an AI-driven solution for the company that was looking to develop an application for their patients who travel and need to find the best treatment options around the globe. We have delivered an extensive online platform for medical travel that merges data from partner clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities and presents it to the users in an understandable way through its handy UI.

The developed business solution also includes:

  • An AI-powered search and recommendation engine from scratch;
  • Custom messenger to provide a smooth user experience and speed up patient consultations.


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