Abto Software is growing fast and today welcomes the 100th co-worker in its Lviv Headquarter office. The company has undergone a rapid development with dramatic personnel count growth from only 5 specialists in 2007 (the year of foundation) to one hundred software development professionals in 2012. Following the company’s programme of expanding and better servicing our customers’, our stuff doubles every year.

Oleksandr Muzychuk, CEO at Abto Software, proudly notes: “Our company’s steady growth is a product of our team’s dedicated work and enthusiasm. From now on our 100 talented developers can grow professionally working on interesting and sophisticated projects at Abto Software.”

All Abto Software co-workers celebrated this exciting event together in a friendly atmosphere in “Degusto” cafГ©. Our 100th colleague received a gift and was warmly welcomed by the whole Abto Software’s team.

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Abto Software (www.abtosoftware.com) is a global provider of IT outsourcing and high-end software development services. We specialize in custom software solutions, IT consulting, business applications, web development and design. We offer a wide range of solutions with integrity delivering unrivaled value for customers of various industries and vertical markets of the USA and Europe: Healthcare, Marine & Aircraft, Construction, Banking & Finance, Government, Digital Security, Retail & Distribution, Military & Police, etc.

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