Abto Software Attended Lviv International Outsourcing Forum 2013March, 30, 2013 — Lviv International Outsourcing Forum, the annual conference of IT outsourcing services providers which was held in the Conference Hall of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv this year, is a series of events with more than three years history. The forum entitled “The Fight for higher rates” gathered about 150 owners and TOP-managers of outsourcing companies from all over Ukraine. This year, speakers and participants from Ukraine and other countries including Belarus and Russia visited the conference to discuss the most urgent and important problems in IT outsourcing.

Lviv International Outsourcing Forum consisted of two main parts: “Outsourcing Business” and “Entrepreneurs & Freelancers”. The forum program was traditionally divided into four sections: “Marketing and Sales”, “Human factor”, “Interaction with the government” and “Products VS Services”. Speakers summarized some of the latest achievements of the national software outsourcing industry. В They were also able to share their own experience on overcoming some software outsourcing challenges and emphasize the new trends in outsourcing.

Abto Software, as a leading outsourcing services provider in Ukraine, also took part in this year`s Outsourcing Forum. We had a great opportunity to exchange our knowledge and experience with industry peers. В Our representatives shared some successful stories on how our customers, both small and large businesses, enjoyed benefits from high-end software development and offshore/nearshore software outsourcing services provided by Abto Software.

Abto Software Technical Director, Sergey Ivanov noted: “Years of successful experience in software development and software outsourcing gave us additional evidence that our company is developing in the right direction following the latest trends on the IT outsourcing market. While attending Lviv International Outsourcing Forum we managed to exchange some interesting ideas with our colleagues that are sure to come in handy to us in the near future”.

The article image is courtesy by Lviv International Outsourcing Forum (http://liof.org/).

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