Abto Software has been named one of the top app developers in New York by an independent IT market research company Techreviewer.co. During all year, they are gathering data about the reliability of the development companies, quality of their services, and expertise. Abto’s team is happy to be among the best outsourcing tech providers one more time!

Only during this year, different research organizations recognized Abto Software as:

Abto Software has its headquarters in the United States, New York. The company started its work 14 years ago – in 2007, and specializes in building Intelligent Video Analytics and Computer Vision solutions, AI-powered software for business automation, and chatbots. We have expertise in most modern languages and frameworks focusing on Microsoft technologies.

We are working in different industries with various client needs. For fashion market leaders, we created a mobile body measurement app with 98% accuracy. The solution significantly reduced the number of returns for our client, allowing buyers to order perfectly-fit clothes.

For the healthcare industry, we developed several telehealth solutions to make medical care more accessible for everyone. For example, we created a mobile-based telemedicine app for a large African telecommunications provider. The app fixed several problems, including the low ratio of doctors per thousand citizens. Also, we have good experience in creating and improving medical management solutions – CRM, EHR, EMR systems. All of them are helping our clients to provide better patient care.

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